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Dear ladies and gentlemen, dear readers,

ONLINE Systemlogistik came of age this year. 18 years ago, my father and I launched it together. Together with 75 partners, our network has continued to grow. It has developed into a well-known general cargo system, operating successfully out of three hubs across Europe. Customers especially appreciate the high quality and the reliability that ONLINE Systemlogistik operates with on the market.

While HARTMANN INTERNATIONAL Systemlogistik continues to be a permanent feature of ONLINE Systemlogistik in Ibbenbüren, we have decided that our operation in Paderborn will partner with CargoLine. For the most part, transport volume decides which cooperation is optimal. ONLINE Systemlogistik processed about 90 percent of its general cargo logistics with a Hub & Spoke system. This system is ideal in both use and cost for forwarding agencies with medium-scale revenues, such as our operation in Ibbenbüren.

At CargoLine, a company with almost similar standard of quality as ours, as much as 95 percent of large volume transports are handled as direct shipments. HARTMANN INTERNATIONAL Paderborn's goods revenues have seen a very dynamic development over the last years. We send direct shipments in addition to the Hub & Spoke system when it was possible.

For us, the strategic decision to change within small and medium sized enterprises is a logical consequence of following our own business goal. We want to make way for the next generation and set a course for further dynamic growth. In order to achieve optimal process costs and to continue to offer a wide and innovative spectrum of services, we have decided to become a partner and associate of CargoLine as of January 1st, 2015.

Naturally, we will remain committed to ONLINE Systemlogistik in the future and we hope to continue our close cooperation. Ultimately, the construction and development of our renowned cooperation was, and still is close to our hearts.

Kind Regards,

Yours truly,

Andreas Hartmann


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